How To Get Free V bucks PS4 for Fortnite in 2021 Without Verification

For sure, you’re familiar with the world’s most trending Battle Royale title “Fortnite,” for which people are searching for Free V Bucks PS4. Nowadays, two Battle Royale titles are ruling over the gaming industry and make their space in the E-sports industry every soon than your expectation.

Fortnite is an Adventure and Multiplayer Survival video game with three different game modes, such as Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative. Only Battle Royale mode is available to play for free while you have to pay bucks to experience the other two modes.

What are Free V Bucks PS4?

As in the real world, you require currency or balance to purchase anything; similarly, you need in-game currency to buy items, weapons, accessories, and other stuff in virtual worlds. Moreover, the game currency isn’t free, as you have to use bucks to purchase it using the in-game store, but it costs you a lot.

Therefore, the majority of players prefer to use generators for Free V-buck. Fortnite Battle Royale is available to play on different platforms, such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices Android and iOS.

If you’re a newbie and don’t have enough knowledge regarding where to start and how to play, in-game purchasing currency would be a waste of money, although the items will remain in your account.

Therefore, we suggest you play the game first, learn about the basics, and then start purchasing items and other stuff to increase your reputation.

free v buck code ps4

How to Get Free V Bucks?

As mentioned above, the game is available for different platforms, including PS4. Therefore, owners of the console are also searching for Fortnite Free V Bucks PS4 across the web. Upon searching, you discover various hacks and different V Buck Code generators promising to provide you with free Fortnite codes ps4 with no human verification.

You would be surprised to know that majority of them are fake, will waste your time, and leave you with nothing except regret of using the service you didn’t deserve. Many legit methods are available to earn in-game currency for free, but seriously they aren’t enough to purchase any premium item.

Therefore, we bring you to a list of the best ways to get free v buck code ps4.

  • Daily Quests
  • Login Rewards
  • Timed Missions
  • Main Questline
  • Side Quests
  • Events

On special occasions, Epic Games releases special Free V Buck Codes PS4 to randomly users. Using the code, you can claim free V-Bucks and use them to unlock your premium items.

The chances of having V Buck codes from the developers are too low; therefore, players prefer to use other sites to grab codes for free, as free Fortnite codes ps4 provides them with a choice of having in-game currency to use for unlocking other stuff.

Nevertheless, stop wasting your time on other platforms, and start completing challenges to win. It would help if you kept in mind that you can’t earn V-Bucks when playing in Battle Royale mode. It is only possible to make in-game currency when you are playing in the “Save the World” mode.

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Earn Free V-Bucks When playing on PS4

There’s nothing exciting other than having freebies. Undoubtedly, the procedural may be different for both consoles and PC, as lots of generators are available to make you as many V-Bucks as possible. As mentioned above, some legit ways are also available mentioned on the official blog of Epic Games to earn Free V Buck Codes PS4.

Like other e-commerce platforms, Epic Games releases free Fortnite codes ps4 for their users to grab open in-game items to enjoy. It would help if you guys had to gran the code, input it into the site, and redeem your rewards to use later.

Free V Bucks Glitch

In this section, we will let you know a new free Fortnite Mobile V-Bucks glitch working for the Battle Royale. The glitch has been displayed on your screen earlier than your expectation, but all players were going crazy over it. Every gaming platform has the same method except Xbox because you are forced to restart the console when changing the date and time.

  • Reset the Date and Time
  • Visit the “Save the World” mode to obtain the daily reward
  • Hit “Y” to claim a free bonus and uncheck the internet
  • Change the date and time once again. Don’t put the right time.
  • Restart your console when prompted and claim your rewards.

how to get free v bucks ps4

Fortnite V- Bucks Rewards

As mentioned above, dozens of ways are there to claim free V-Bucks, which only possible in Save the World mode. You’re not supposed to earn the currency in Battle Royale mode due to some limitations. The most preferred mode is “Save the World,” where you can earn currency following the given methods.

Don’t forget to claim your daily sign-up rewards, which will be added to your account whether you are playing on Console, Mobile, or PC – it doesn’t matter. Complete quests to have some Free V-Bucks in your wallet.

Keep in mind that you’re not going to earn V-Bucks all the time, as the game may reward you with other items too.


Most players dream of earning Free V Bucks PS4, and it can be possible if they follow the instruction given above. Lots of generators are also roaming all over the web, giving you a chance to claim free in-game currency, but believe me, the majority of them are fake and are intended to waste your time or can be compromised with your sensitive credential.

Therefore, avoiding those generators would be great to keep yourself fully secured from being scammed.